1. New UFO Hunter

    330 Videos from witnesses - mainly military - some civilian

    The playlists are constantly being updated and added to so are subject to change. 200 videos witness testimony 130 videos witness testimony
  2. Denise

    Videoing farm animal cruelty to be made "terrorist crime" in US: new legislation

    More proof corporation are running the show! More:
  3. Truth Vibrations

    [Wow!] Amazing John Lenard Walson's UFO videos and pictures

    You're really missing out if you have not discovered John Lenard Walson's UFO video clips and pictures. John Lenard Walson videos here: John Lenard Walson pictures here: john lenard walson - Bing Images
  4. Truth Vibrations

    Planet sized UFO's around the Sun

    More videos on the sun UFO:
  5. Truth Vibrations

    UFO's filmed on July 29th new video

    What do you think of this guys videos?
  6. Truth Vibrations

    Truth Music Videos

    Popular music provides the benefits of getting the real truth out to the public instantly. Vinnie Paz is a widely recognized rap artist within the hiphop world. Have a look at his music video 'End of Days' it has an introduction by David Icke: As well as this music video by 'Skriblah...
  7. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Compilations from February and March 2012

    Here are a few compilation videos of UFOs. Feb-Mar:
  8. Denise

    Latest youtube videos posted on all on one list

    Here is a list of the latest youtube videos posted on all on one list. Good tool for anyone who want to see what new.
  9. Denise

    Elenin / Nibiru timeline and effects

    Some interesting videos on Elenin / Nibiru PART 1 PART 2 Enjoy!
  10. Denise

    Before Mankind, What Was Really On Earth

    Discovery channel frequently lies, or hides the reality, every every now and then tho, they create up for this with videos such as this:
  11. New UFO Hunter

    Nick pope questions recent UFO videos.
  12. Unhypnotized

    Greg Braden: The Science of Miracles six videos

  13. New UFO Hunter

    Videos of extraterrestrial life panel for business leaders released

    Videos of extraterrestrial life panel for business leaders released [ - March 6, 2011] Videos of five presentations at the 2011 Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) discussing extraterrestrial life have been released. The presentations were part of a panel titled “Learning from Outer...
  14. New UFO Hunter

    Flotillas OVNI en México (recopilación) - Adrian Moscoso

    Adrian Moscoso presents a collection of videos in Mexico UFO Fleet
  15. Unhypnotized

    Rogue Science (1/8) Jack Sarfatti on Coast to Coast AM 02-21-10 are you an Avatar?

    Interesting, videos, there are 8 this is the first one:
  16. Unhypnotized

    Very Cool Short Videos

    The following videos are on You Tube under the name soundlessdawn. Enjoy! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
  17. day

    The American, British, German, are NOT stupid videos

    Americans are NOT stupid - with Subtitles
  18. day

    Ancient Rome - The Rise of the Empire ROME

    Ancient Rome - The Rise of the Empire ROME, The Power and Glory For over a thousand years, Rome was the centre of the known world. One of the most glorious empires in history, she brought to her subjects a common language, shared culture, and for some wealth beyond imagination. Ancient Rome -...
  19. Unhypnotized

    Lunar Structures - Mind Blowing

    I had been recommended Jose Escamilla here sre some of his videos:
  20. Unhypnotized

    First half 2012 Videos (Jessica Mystic)

    Check out does videos very interesting!!! More...