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    Global warming often being confused with toxic waste.

    I myself would often have a hard time separating the earth's tempature fluctuations with the real problem of humanity's polluting of the planet with the chemicals with which we are not only ingesting by spraying them on our food supply, but by releasing them into our watersupply. I think the...
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Global warming? No, actually we're cooling, claim scientists

    Read more: Global warming? No, actually we're cooling, claim scientists - Telegraph The Resident: Al Gore worth $200 million, ties to oil: Published on 8 May 2013
  3. Truth Vibrations

    Nose Tip Proof that the cabal lied about CO2 as the cause of Global Warming

    Obama laughed at during State of The Union speech when referring to global warming "Overwhelming Scientific Evidence"
  4. 100th Monkey

    Al Gore discusses global warming with Ellen DeGeneresand admits Chemtrails are for blocking the SUN

    Gee I wounder if they are doing this now?
  5. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke- Global warming Its All a Bloody Scam!!!

    Global warming or nowadays its been changed to 'climate change' is all just a bloody scam to increase global taxation systems and bring about the global centralisation more quickly towards the New world Order. David Icke exposes...
  6. Truth Vibrations

    Weathergirl goes crazy over global warming

    I am not sure if these people are making fun of global warming or for it?
  7. 100th Monkey

    The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria

    "Two months ago, James Lovelock, the godfather of global warming, gave a startling interview to msnbc.com in which he acknowledged he had been unduly “alarmist” about climate change. The implications were extraordinary. Lovelock is a world-renowned scientist and environmentalist whose...
  8. Unhypnotized

    Climate Depot’s Morano on Fox News Mocking ‘Climate Astrology’

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010 Morano: ‘There is no way anyone can falsify the global warming theory now because any weather event that happens ‘proves’ their case…Man-made global warming has ceased to be a science, it is now the level of your dairy horoscope’ — Gore [in 2006 film] did not warn us...
  9. Unhypnotized

    Voters Take Global Warming Less Seriously

    Rasmussen Reports Wednesday, March 17, 2010 The majority of U.S. voters continue to believe global warming is a serious problem, but the number who considers it very serious is at its lowest level in over a year. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows 53% of voters...
  10. Unhypnotized

    Fifteen Years With No Global Warming Doesn’t Mean There’s No Global Warming, Says EPA

    Karen Schuberg CNS News Wednesday, February 24, 2010 (CNSNews.com) – Fifteen years*with no statistically significant increase in global temperatures*does not mean that*the human race is not causing the climate to change, EPA*Administrator Lisa Jackson told CNSNews.com on Tuesday. Jackson...
  11. Unhypnotized

    Va. challenges EPA’s stance on global warming

    Rex Springston Richmond Times Dispatch Thursday, February 18th, 2010 Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli turned up the heat on global warming yesterday. On behalf of the state, Cuccinelli filed a petition asking the federal Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider its December...
  12. Unhypnotized

    2009- Global Warming Causes Foggy Days in San Francisco… 2010- Global Warming Causes

    Jim Hoft First Things Feb 17 2010 You just can’t make this stuff up. Global warming blamed on foggier days in San Francisco: SFGate reported this seven months ago: The Bay Area just had its foggiest May in 50 years. And thanks to global warming, it’s about to get even foggier. That’s the...
  13. Unhypnotized

    Six-Foot ‘Frozen Gore’ Sculpture Used to Fuel Global Warming Debate

    Breitbart.tv Wednesday, January 6, 2010 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: The two-ton “Frozen Gore” sculpture isn’t exactly a tribute. It’s a tongue-in-cheek critique of Gore’s vocal belief in man-made climate change, complete with hot air pouring out of his mouth. Local businessmen Craig...
  14. CASPER

    33% - Global Warming: A Hoax ... with Serious Ramifications

    From April 2008 to October 2009 the percentage of Americans saying there is solid evidence of global warming has fallen from 71% to 57%. A third of the country now says there is no evidence of global warming, up from 21% last year. Views of the evidence of global warming is related to how...
  15. Unhypnotized

    Paul Watson on The Alex Jones Show: UNEP-Gate

    The Alex Jones Channel Wednesday, Dec 2nd, 2009 Shocking newly uncovered UN strategy documents reveal how elitists are recruiting members of academia from all over the globe in an effort to hide the end-run around national sovereignty that their agenda represents, emphasizing how the...
  16. Unhypnotized

    Flashback: There is No Global Warming

    American Policy Center October 14, 209 There is no global warming. Period. You can’t find a real scientist anywhere in the world who can look you in the eye and, without hesitation, without clarification, without saying, kinda, mighta, sorta, if, and or but…say “yes, global warming is with...
  17. R

    The Man-made Global Warming Hoax (Part 1)

    The Man-made Global Warming Hoax (Part 1) Monday, June 15, 2009 See also Global Warming Hoax EU Admission by the President Source: youtube
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    The 12 Days Of Global Warming

    The 12 Days Of Global Warming Monday, May 11, 2009 Source: youtube YouTube - The 12 Days Of Global Warming