1. funbunz29

    Should You Weigh Your Food?

    While counting calories may seem like enough to reach your goal weight, many are deciding if weighing their food will be the added weapon they need to win the battle of the bulge. It seems fitting that as you look to lose weight, you weigh what you take in, but is it worth the time and energy...
  2. U

    How to deal with holiday weight gain?

    Christmas is all about party with colleagues and friends with non stop eating which can create weight gain problems for you. How to avoid such situation. In my views, its important to be moderate in our consumption through pick and choose method. What are your views?
  3. Unhypnotized

    Soul Catcher: The Strange Deathbed Experiment of Dr MacDougall

    05-24-2010 02:08 AM 'On 10 April 1901, his chance came, and at 5.30pm a man “of the usual American temper*ament” and suffering from tuber*culosis was placed onto the apparatus. He was attended by at least four people, including MacDougall and Dr John Sproull, a sym*pathetic colleague. Like...