How to deal with holiday weight gain?


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Christmas is all about party with colleagues and friends with non stop eating which can create weight gain problems for you. How to avoid such situation. In my views, its important to be moderate in our consumption through pick and choose method. What are your views?


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Easy. Eat a handful of almonds and raisins several times per day with a large glass of nice cool water. You won't be able to over-eat. Limit your first plateful of food to a soup spoon-sized portion of each. Next time around, take only a teaspoonful of the ones you particularly liked. Each dessert can come in the thinnest slices you can make. Challenge yourself! :D


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Absolutely, portion control. Only take what you NEED, not what looks like a good amount. Don't over-indulge. If you just can't avoid those shortbread cookies, or pumpkin pie, then only take a taste. If you eat smaller amounts, you'll have a much better chance at NOT putting on extra pounds.

This method is good for more than just the Holidays.

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It is also my obsession. When I meet my people in family and my friend,I;m so happy that I eat eat and eat a lot. I can not stop myself from such delicious dishes. But some times I pour out my food for my friends and I go to cut fruits and I eat fruits more than other food


Yes, its common that we just don't care about our eating habits during holidays to get the maximum enjoyment out of it. Its good to enjoy with friends in a positive way to change your mood but we should care a little bit about our foods. Replace the unhealthy fat foods with low fat healthy foods and enjoy the party... If you eat everything then its good to increase daily exercise duration for one week..