1. Denise

    Fish Guts, Milk and Eggs in Your Wine!

    This is disgusting: Most folks know white wine goes well with fish. Far fewer are aware that wine is often made with fish. And milk. And eggs. Confused? That's exactly what the wine industry says will happen if the government requires wine labels to state when these and other potential...

    How We Got to Be This Way

    Once, in graduate school I gave my friends a feast— six gallons of Vino Fino, cheap rib roast from Hi-Vee. Next day, half my guests swore off alcohol, and two of them joined AA. Though proud that I had fed and intoxicated so many on my TA's salary— less than the Army paid me during my tour of...

    At 6,000 years old, wine press is oldest yet found

    Archeologists have unearthed the oldest wine-making facility ever found, using biochemical techniques to identify a dry red vintage made about 6,000 years ago in what is now southern Armenia. The excavation paints a picture of a complex society where mourners tasted a special vintage made at a...