1. Truth Vibrations


    Corruption at the World Bank:
  2. R

    US: No.1 Racist nation in the world

    Early this year, Youtube (see below) presented a video of the 10 most racist countries in the world. These countries, in descending order, are: Austria (10), Germany (9), Russia (8), Argentina (7), Britain (6), Rwanda (5), Israel (4), South Africa (3), Spain (2) and in first place, the United...
  3. R

    US Diplomat: US-Israel greatest threat on earth

    “For the past 68 years, most military aggression can be sourced to the US and Israel. Yet, these two originators of wars pretend to be the victims of aggression. It is Israel that has a nuclear arsenal that is illegal, unacknowledged, and unaccountable. It is Washington that has drafted a war...
  4. R

    Ten Top Global War Criminals: All non-Muslims!

    Jewish author, Sever Plocker in his book, Stalin’s Jews claimed that some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish. That statement seems to be true 80 years after Stalin created the first Jewish state in Russia. Johnny Punish, an American muscian, poet and writer, published a list...
  5. R

    Frithjof Schuon: ‘Understanding Islam’

    Swiss philosopher-author Frithjof Schuon’s book ‘Understanding Islam, was published in French in 1961 and translated to English in 1963. Schuon is recognized as an authority on philosophy, spirituality and religion, an exponent of the Religio Perennis, and one of the chief representatives of the...
  6. Truth Vibrations

    Philip K Dick's- The Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation

    The Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation:
  7. Denise

    What Plants Talk About - Full Length Documentary

    Not only can plants talk they communicate.
  8. Boiling Frog

    The Most Important 22 Quotes From the Political and Financial Elites that prove NWO is real

    Several desire to have their words back and a few wish what they said was what everyone wanted. For me each one of these quotes are alarming and a NWO will only able to be established if these elites have total control of the central banks and the media. We can control these organizations when...
  9. Denise

    Are we living Gods? Clue to the Unity on the planet? Masami Saionji, Japan

    Are we Gods?
  10. Denise

    Monsanto Executive Receives World Food Prize: Global Leaders Outraged!

    Some old story, make "the company" look like a super hero in the public eye. Give it fake awards so that people have something to point to when judging "the company".
  11. Truth Vibrations

    Update from Stephen Bassett's Paradigm Research Group

    World Disclosure Day and the Millennials or New Globals
  12. Truth Vibrations

    Coast to Coast - Suppressed Ancient Discoveries From Around the World

    C2C with Jonathan Grey Suppressed Ancient Discoveries From Around the World
  13. R

    Jack Straw: ‘Israel steals Palestinian land’

    The western leaders who never get tired of blaming Muslim nation-states for not allowing the so-called “freedom of speech”, themselves are so affraid of Jewish Lobby, they never dare to speak the truth about Israel, Holocaust or even Zionism when they’re holding some political offices. Many...
  14. Boiling Frog

    2002 email from Rockefeller outlining Armageddon Agenda and NWO transition

    Has anyone seen this before? Do you know if it is authentic? Rockefeller Email from 2002 Outlines Armageddon Agenda and Transition to New World June 23, 2013 by Eliot Estep Further research via UWhois and InterNIC into the domain name reveals the...
  15. White Rabbit

    Participant in a reality show America's Next Top Model Talks About the NWO

    They made fun of this women, but at less the information was put out there. This is from 2009.
  16. R

    Farewell to Iran’s President Ahmadinejad

    Today, marks the end of Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s two-term (8 year) presidency. Today, tens of millions Iranians are casting their votes to elect a new president to guide the nation for the next four years. Ahmadinejad, no doubt, is the most hated Iranian president by the world Zionist movement...
  17. Truth Vibrations

    Anonymous Just Leaked a Trove of NSA Documents

    Anonymous Just Leaked a Trove of NSA Documents Souce: Anonymous message
  18. Truth Vibrations

    'The Man' - Screenplay Starring Stephen Fry, Explaining The Bilderberg / New World Order

    'The Man' - Screenplay Starring Stephen Fry, Explaining The Bilderberg / New Published on 12 May 2013 This fantastic short film Starring Stephen Fry goes a long way in showing just how the world is controlled and manipulated by the few. An ultimate goal of a New Global Order ruled by the...
  19. longhorn

    NBC News (CORPORATE SHILLS) - Reports: stock up on cangoods before May 31 2013'

    Are we to really believe this, if it were the truth, would the anchor actually be sitting there in the studio calmly, without sweating, reporting on an extinction level event? Is this another end of the world scenario designed to keep us browbeat, scared little chicken little's, as we flock to...
  20. longhorn

    The "Gold Standard" Depopulation Genocide Program

    The Gold Standard Genocide Program May 13, 2013 Concern about overpopulation is ancient. Tertullian was a resident of the city of in the second century CE, when the population of the world was about 190 million (only three to four percent of what it is today). He notably said: "What most...