Admiralty courts are temples of fraud

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Wake up people the courts don't protect you, they protect the corporations!

"Published on Aug 6, 2014
As I see it, the Dragon Family's war on ignorance and financial tyranny, if it is to be successful, must wield an ax, striking a fatal blow to the root of the problem: the fraudulent system of Roman, Canon or Admiralty Law. That system is Corporate Law; and corporations are legal fictions that operate without accountability, outside of Natural Law upon which Common Law is based. In order for corporations to even function, they must first demote human beings to the level of slaves having no rights.

The OPPT (One People's Public Trust) made this clear when it exposed the human slavery system of 666. This is the Beast that devours people, trampling our human rights in their temples of fraudulent congresses, parliaments and courts.

We do have rights though, granted by our Creator. They are self-evident and unalienable. Reclaiming those rights must be part of 555."