Air force commercial where American Airman Colonel Alvin Drew mentioned STARSHIPS

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This is an Air force commercial with the airman saying he could fly "STARSHIPS"?.

Here is the exact commercial transcript:

I woke up every day in the Air Force thinking I've got the best job in the world. Airplanes, Jets propeller planes, rockets, spaceships, starships. If it left the surface of the earth and went somewhere else on an adventure, it just captured my imagination.

The opportunities that the Air Force can offer are boundless. When opportunity knocks at your door be bold, be courageous in following that dream, step across that threshold and into that new adventure. My name is Col. Alvin Drew and I am an American airmen.

Starships is a ship that goes to the stars. Why is this being said on a commercial and nobody notices? Seems like they are implying we have Starships!