Ancient Aliens - The Einstein Factor

Einstein was one of the test subjects who held what the false information called a 'bell' back in the late like aot og german test subjects.

So einstien knew how to realm jump huh.

EInstien was uploaded this information when young from an experiment that him and hundreds had taken when a ship was opened up in germany.

wow,all the great minds had some type of ...way to get into the realms..they all developed ways to get in..very interesting.
i really dont feel wiered now,infact,i dont feel immortal any more.

Linda Brown

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I can't comment on the rest of this thread just yet because I haven't been able to see that link... but I just want to say.... to you Gemini .... that maybe its good that you don't feel immortal any more. Perhaps there are valuable lessons to knowing that your span of time here is limited and that is something that you share with everyone standing next to you and communicating with you. We are all mortal ( well.... most of us <g>) and we all only have this brief time to establish whatever it is that we are meant to do here.

Perhaps we can do more than we ever imagined.

You really don’t understand Linda what I just learned from this video.

You see, I perfected what they where doing by the age of least some of them. But to get to that…extremely high frequency, they actually had methods, and developed methods to get in.

20 million years ago a cave man walks down the country side about to take position to kill a wholly mammoth for dinner, He takes out his spear and assumes the strike that will bring him dinner home.

SUDDENLY…A volkes wagon appears out of no where stopping right in front of the cave man.

Within .09 To 2.9 seconds, that cave mans brain will have been uploaded with 20milion years of unknown history, therefore, evolving the brain up to that day the Volkswagen was actually made.

Within 3 days the cave man will start talking
Within a week he will have developed writing engineering,etc etc etc etc.

Copy written by img527 2-2-3012

‘Any object seen not in the time of the corresponding time frame, will automatically be up dated do process of the time frame the object was or is in’

I never ever in my life believed in aliens.
But always believed in flying saucers…Until I saw a triangle UFO with a length of 150 yards over the football field across the street over a school, flying lower than a helicopter.
October 7th Washington dc 2007

Until I see an man made craft that spans a football field and a half with 3 saucer lights underneath, then really its nothing I can say but. What I saw and.

What I was updated with.

For over 20 some years I never ever thought about alien abductions, until I was looking at the history channel one day and a man told a story about an abduction he had, that was 100% of what happened to me. And that’s when I looked back, and realized, what had happened to me in shandoanoah valley dealing with a camping trip.

I put 2 and 2 together after I paid for a lie detector test…but after the lie detector test was taken, the man asked me…….‘what was you even doing out side in shorts in October at 3 in the morning anyway’

That I couldn’t remember.

He then asked, ‘Can we redo the test with me asking you that same question,’ I said sure!

Came back the truth.

But after that day I had to keep asking myself a question I never thought to ask. What was I doing out there and why?
I won’t say I was abducted because I don’t speak on something I don’t know to a margin of 98% OR BETTER, Any way, just babbling on.

By the way, I joined the hc in November of 2007...I guess I was just explaining how I got on the net dealing with aliens and space ships and stuff….but this is the reason why im here and on 12 other sites.

Linda Brown

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Dear Gemini..... You would be suprised at how much of your situation I really understand.

I am so glad that you are here ( and on other Forums too!) Linda