[Confused!] Annie Lost Soul of Brackenbury Road London W6


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Whilst working in Hammersmith West London between September 2006 and October 2009 i was befriended by Two old ladies in the Brackenbury Village area of West London. In fact one of the ladies was named Anne and was of local London descendence whilst Annie was born and raised in Glasgow Scotland but moved to London about 40 years ago. I was quite fond of both of them and quite upset when I left that area in 2009 to work 2 miles down the road in Fulham south west London. To cut a long story short I met Annie in Hammersmith just before Christmas 2012 and spoke with her at length for almost 20 minutes. She was pushing a shopping cart on her way home from her daily shop on King Street or so I believed. Anyway just into the new year I met with Anne in January 2013 and told her that i'd seen and spoken to Annie just one month earlier. Anne had a shocked look on her face and replied that Annie passed away in October 2011 literally next to the road that I stopped and spoke to her of a heart attack. Shocked I was. And yes I must have been speaking to a ghost. I'm not worried at all! Just thought I would share my true story with you all.:single_eye: