BBC Interview with Cerebal Palsy Sufferer Jody Mcintryre - Dragged From His Wheelchair by Police Anti-Tuition Fees Protest in London


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Jody McIntyre who has cerebral palsy was dragged out of his wheel chair and across the street in the recent student protests , here he gives a BBC interview.

BBC interview wheelchair user and cerebal palsy sufferer Jody McIntryre after he was dragged from his wheelchair by police on two seperate occasions at the anti-tuition fees protest on the 9th December 2010 in London. The presenter is Ben Brown. I apologise for some glitches in the video, this is because of a bad signal and dodgy aerial cable.

If you wish to complain about the conduct of the presenter the BBC complaints form is here This was shown on the 8 o'clock news on BBC News channel on the 13th December. BBC response:

You can also complain to Ofcom at

This is the 2nd incident. (No video of the 1st available.)

Also read Jody's own account on his blog at

Interview on Sky news is here: (2nd video on the page.)

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Petition asking the BBC for an apology:


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Mark Steel: A Clear Case of Attack by Wheelchair

12-17-2010 05:18 AM

The police like to set their public relations department a special Christmas challenge, don't they? Because that's the only explanation for them being filmed on the anti-fees demonstration, chucking a disabled man out of his wheelchair and shoving him along the road, unless it was to enjoy telling their PR team, "Stick a positive spin on that for us, could you?"

Ben Brown of the BBC tried his best, when he interviewed Jody McIntyre, the man who was dislodged, and said aggressively: "There's a suggestion that you were rolling in the direction of the police." Now, let's suppose this was the case (which I can't help but doubt), how much force is needed, I wonder, to stop a man with cerebral palsy who keeps rolling, even when asked to stop?

Presumably the police turned to each other in shock, spluttering: "Oh my God, he's rolling straight for us. These riot shields and helmets with visors offer woefully inadequate protection against such a persistent rolling machine. If we're lucky our batons can buy us some time, but his momentum is terrifying, it's like a cerebral palsy tsunami." Maybe this is how to win in Afghanistan. We recruit a multiple sclerosis battalion to roll mercilessly through Helmand province and the Taliban will run away shrieking in fear.'