Beyond the Boundaries and Limitations ~ Greg Giles ~ January 5, 2012



Message from the Galactic Federation 1/5/12

There have been periods throughout your lifetimes when things just didn't seem to be working out for you, and then you came full circle and may have come out of it all better for the experience. Such may be where you find yourself today, with so many obstacles that seem at times to fall from the skies and find themselves in your path.

Try to look at these bumps in the road as learning experiences, for indeed they are. More of your life than you may be aware of has been carefully planned. This goes for the good times as well as the difficult periods. We say to you to try to find the best way to rise above these obstacles and persevere. Only through your determined efforts will you move on and through these detours along your journey’s path.

Through the many long years you have worn many hats; sinner, saint, victim, predator, robber baron, law man, militia man, and philosopher. All the parts in this theatrical production were co-scripted and performed by you, as only you know what is truly best for your learning and growth, and although there are many others involved in your play, it all comes down to you which act will follow, decided by the choices you make along your way.

Seeing things from this perspective may give you a better idea of why you find yourself in a particular situation today, and how you can avoid landing in the same spot again. The final curtain is soon to come down on this particular show.

You have all done a wonderful job in your supporting roles that you have played for each other. You are all the stars of your show. No one takes center stage but you in your show, as there are billions of performances being acted out on the Earth stage.

In time, a grand cast party will be thrown for performers, writers, directors, producers, set designers, and special effects artists. You will be there and so shall we, and all the behind-the-scenes secrets will be revealed to you.

5D Earth is a place where you can experience life beyond the challenges you face today. What a joy this will be for you, where all your learning experiences here in 3D can be utilized for their utmost potential. Beyond the boundaries and limitations of the physical realm, you will be so free to follow your hearts call and pursue your dreams and all of your creative desires.

Take this time to look back in careful reflection of what you have learned and what you may have overlooked. All your experiences here were carefully planned for your upliftment, and much can be learned from thoughtful examination.

Try as best as you can to shield yourself from any negative emotions some of these memories may bring you, and instead review these experiences from the safe distance of detachment. In time, all of the memories that cause you pain or distress can be cleansed from your memory, leaving the wisdom of the lesson learned without the residue of the lesson itself.

Today, you have an inner knowing of many lessons previously learned from past lives, but with no conscious memory of these experiences. The purpose, of course, is to allow a soul to travel on in their journey acquiring great knowledge and wisdom without being forced to carry along the heavy burden of lessons hard learned.

One day soon it will be entirely clear to everyone of you just what each of your lessons were for and how important they all are for your advancement. You understood just how important all of these lessons were and this is why you chose to undertake your long journey into the physical.

Many may be amazed at the enormous wealth of knowledge and wisdom you have attained since you left your homes in the spirit realms. Your experiences could fill volumes of books lining the shelves of the library of you.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles

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