Big blows to Einstein's theory of Relativity. Gravity doesn't bend light.

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Edward Dowdye, Jr. explains why theory of Relativity is wrong by providing scientific evidences over few decades.

- Gravity doesn't bend light - electromagnetic waves. Light refracts near the surface of the sun when it goes through plasma area.
- Nuclear fission reaction, Mass–energy equivalence formula (E = MC2), could be electric potential energy in atoms. Electromagnetic force is 10^36 to 10^39 times stronger than gravity.
(10^36 is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)

The Failed Attempts to Detect Macro Lensing / Edward Dowdye, Jr.

IMHO, Edward's evidence is significant compared to others.

Experiments that have shown contradictory results against theory of Relativity are below.
I put in chronological order.

Experimental detection of the ether by E.W. Silvertooth, 1986

Dayton Miller's Interferometer experiments


Sagnac's experiment that showed speed of lights varies. However I do not support the Geocentric model the video creator believe in. "Earth is in center of our universe. All celestial bodies revolve around Earth."

The Sangnac Effect is explained here.


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You are very much incorrect.....we don't just see light bending near our Sun but around galaxies. Can he explain these photos


The last two Photo there is a galaxy (a quasar to be precise) in the center and the light is being bend by it making an illusion of four quasar around the center quasar......these are evidence of Light being bend by gravity. -dcooper


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These are all images from NASA that no one can verify. They are computer enhanced, manipulated from wavelength data that is beyond the visible spectrum.
The problem is really that there is clearly a hell of a lot of scientific fraud going on these days. Money is king.
But the even bigger issue is that Einsteins theories have all been totally destroyed by rational critical analysis.
The same can be said about the nonsense of Quantum Mechanics.
Two simple Examples of nonsense are:
Two identical clocks can be each slower than each other! (special relativity is nonsense)
Particles of matter can exist everywhere and nowhere till you look for it. (QM nonsense)
and the purely Mathematical geometry of "curved spacetime" (itself a concept) is magically able to cause planets to orbit! (General Relativity nonsense)