[Cool!] Boost Your Junk-Food Resistance with This Simple Plan


You'll be fitting into those skinny jeans in no time if you adopt this simple habit: pay with cash.
Yep, when you hit the grocery store, just leave your credit card -- and debit card -- at home. A recent study revealed that paying with cash instead of plastic seriously quells the temptation to load up the shopping cart with belly-padding junk food.

Pain Points
The reason people buy less junk food with cash? More pain. Seems they feel it in their wallets a little more sharply when handing over Benjamins versus bank cards. In fact, shoppers who used cash to fill their grocery carts in a recent study purchased far less unhealthful, fattening foods than the credit- and debit-card users did.

More Slimming Strategies
Now, check out this surprising figure: Only 14 percent of people use cash to grocery shop. And researchers suspect this could be one of the many factors behind the current obesity epidemic. Somehow, paying with plastic is less emotionally charged than the more immediate and uncomfortable act of parting with hard-earned greenbacks. So whether you're trying to lose a few pounds -- or a lot -- leave for the store with your entire food budget in hand.