"Breaking: Entire Nation of Ukraine Under Armed Quarantine-Entire Nation Shut Down"


Truth feeder
This is an unconfirmed story. It is posted on the blog which is associated with Dr Bill Deagle.

Reports from the Ukraine..
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The entire nation of Ukraine is under quarantine by the World Health Organization and by their own Ukrainian government. No one is allowed to enter the nation, and no one is allowed to leave. All transportation in or out has been grounded. All border crossings are closed and heavily guarded. All schools in the country are closed. Most businesses are shut down. No large gatherings of people are permitted. Only medically necessary and government vehicles are permitted on the streets. People are generally confined to their homes. Not a word of what is happening is being printed or reported on by the news media. There is a complete news blackout. And people are dying by the hundreds every day. A few bodies are being buried when possible. Most are being burned. Almost everyone in the country is wearing masks or bandanas over their faces for protection. The disease is highly contagious and thousands of new cases are occurring daily."

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