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EL DORADO COUNTY, CA, The residents of El Dorado County currently drive on roads they helped create through numerous tire-recycling events the County Environmental Management Department (EMD) has conducted since 1995. Sections of Green Valley Road, Cameron Park Drive and Main Street in Placerville are paved with Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC). Soon part of Missouri Flat Road will also be paved with RAC. RAC is pavement material made with ground scrap tires. It is more durable, safer and quieter than traditional asphalt. Scrap tires are also used for Tire Derived Aggregate, or TDA. TDA is the second largest reuse of tires in the U.S. TDA helps solve engineering problems where cost-effective lightweight and free-draining materials are needed.

To date 105,834 tires have been collected during tire recycling events conducted by El Dorado County EMD. With every tire brought in, the community is doing their part for the environment. Residents are keeping our County safe from the health hazards of stockpiled tires and putting those tires to a better use.

El Dorado County residents are encouraged to drop off old tires during a series of free collection events. Tires can be brought to the Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs). The South Tahoe Refuse MRF will accept tires the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. The El Dorado Disposal MRF will accept tires the 3rd Saturday of each month. These events will continue through June 18, 2011, or until grant funds are expended. State law limits transportation to 9 tires per trip. Tires from business and large equipment tires will not be accepted. For more information about this and other recycling programs, please visit
Code: or call 530-621-5300.

Tires collected from the events may end up as RAC and TDA in civil engineering projects within the county. CalRecycle (Ca Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery) has just launched a "Green Roads" campaign to raise awareness about these products and promote their use throughout the state. To learn more about Green Roads please visit
Thank you El Dorado County residents for continuing to take action and pave the way with recycled tires.