Chemtrails in the FL Sky


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I see them and just the last two days I've seen the infamous white plane from a distance. I see them mostly in the alate afternoon, over the state in which I live. (FL) Just recently, I notice how they are dissolving, almost like drops from the streaks in the sky. Generally then it clouds up sometimes,shortly thereafter. I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has seen them, and what do you suppose they're for?

I spend quite a bit of time outside walking (my chosen exercise)sometimes they're there in the mid-morning hours as well.
It's absolutely disgusting, isn't it. They're all over the place. Hardly a day goes by when they're not there. I'm Detroit area, and it's absolutely TERRIBLE here. It's just sickening and it leaves a residue on everything.

I assume they serve many purposes, one of which being HAARP, another probably the nanobots that people are talking about, probably sterilization too, and I'm sure there's many, many more purposes for them.
Yes, I do believe that it might have something to do with HAARP. What is it they're creating I don't know.

I agree with what you said about the truth. If they just told us what they're doing, maybe there wouldn't be so much theorizing about it. Unless its something nefarious, that unfortunately we're paying for them to do our sky and weather, and earth. Then I could see why the denial.
They definitely serve multiple purposes, apparently they put some sort of metal in the aerosol to increase harps effectiveness. "There's also other chemicals in their to harm us in various ways. Apparently one of the names for it was 'operation sky obscuration' so apparently one of the covers for was to actually block out the sun to prevent global warming.
I too have heard of multiple purposes, some of these I've also heard bring out Morgellons(spelling?) disease, where people have thread like substance growing out of their skin.