Eventitis and the Pattie Brassiard scare

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Dated: 12 August,2013

Since the previous post on Pattie Brassiard’s interview with Mel Fabrigas was so alarming with typical “fear inducing eventitis” energy, I wanted to share some ideas a deep researcher colleague put together after assessing many of the current conspiracy stories that run rampant in the Alnternative Media circuit.

Remember, it’s not a all or nothing situation. There are some truths to what these people are saying about the “two suns” for example. It’s how this information can be used by the global elite shills and patsies. The timing or “trumped up” timing may coincide with their other agendas, such as the one world government and currency banking system they want to set up for even more enslavement. And don’t forget the alien trump card and how this may fit into even more events to come. I also want to point out that aliens often beam in catastrophic and apocalyptic scenarios in abductees and contactee’s minds in their experiences, it is a common theme. Not to mention the psychological crap they imbue in their abductees to “feel guilty” for destroying the earth and creating all kinds of wars, etc.(When the aliens and their draco masters create the mayhem in the first place) It is all about manipulation of consciousness so that we create what they want, which is more energy and drama to feed upon, as well as us creating our own enslavement for their enjoyment. But I digress.

About the two suns. This is a commentary by another researcher who shared a link of a visible second sun that is not due to lens flare anomalies and appears to be genuine.

“From a trusted friend and researcher….just because Pattsie (excuse me, I mean) Pattie Brassard is passing out fake news about an incoming object, doesn’t mean there IS no incoming object. If you watched the YOWUSA video, you know two things. INCOMING SPACE OJBECTS are hitting earth at a MASSIVE rate right now. Why? Not to mention, the entire earth is in upheaval, so SOMETHING is going on.

It’s Pattsie’s job to get you think it’s coming SOONER than it really is, so they can do a “fake” killshot event and use it to get you all on board with foreign troops, martial law, and switch over to a new economy at the same time.

Too late, you psychopathic wannabes.(addressing the elite shills) You just don’t have what it takes any more to do this false flags.

What’s beginning to happen is really exciting. On EVERY LEVEL they are losing control because of the free people around the world uniting to counteract the lies of ALL THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD. What is happening is that ORDINARY PEOPLE in every country and from all walks of life ARE UNITING AGAINST THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS, and this is the beginning of the end for the bad guys.

But, or course, that just means they’re going to pull out their heavy artillery. They know if they don’t pull this off, ALL OF THEM are going to be hanging from trees with ropes around their neck. They have PLENTY of tricks up their sleeves, so please do prepare.

If McCanney has figured it out already, within weeks tens of thousands will be onto them. McCanney will tell Deagle, who will tell the world. Here’s a clip from Jim Stone’s website on this very issue:

“The nuclear EMP scare is being kept in place so that at the right time, on cue, all the computers which have Intel processors can have the CoreVpro technology tell the CPU to self destruct when given the command from the cell phone system, and all the cars which have an always on cell connection right from the control computer can be deactivated and rendered dead via the same cell system. There is such ignorance about EMP nowadays that all they have to do is say a nuke blew everything up, and it’s bye bye computers, bye bye cars just with a command sent from the cell phone system. THAT would certainly stop a rebellion, would it not?”


Looky here:

“The guy who did this video near sunset moved the camera around to show that the Lens Flares which all the debunkers are always bitching about MOVE with the camera and the extra large planet stays STATIONARY.

Then the planet SETS behind a mountain range proving yet again that the bright object in this video is NOT a lens flare. This planet and its accompanying entourage is getting CLOSER.


Sometimes this planet passes through and causes a tremendous global cataclysm and sometimes it passes through and the damage is relatively slight, but it is all relative. Moreover, the powers that be can always use their media to magnify the damage or deliberately shut off power to give everyone the impression that everything has gone to hell. The powers that be are preparing all kinds of contingencies. That much is obvious.”

EL–Now, my other “deep researcher’s” assessment of the overall situation(s) and what the Machivellian Eventitus intentions may very well be:

1. There will NEVER BE a catastrophic civilization ending event on this planet in your lifetime, even if you’re only 2 years old as you read this.

2. You can know that ANYONE, saint, biblical scholar, channel, Bible Code, visionary, expert, tells you a civilization terminating event is on its way, you may know IMMEDIATELY, without doubt, that they are either lying or misinformed (to include Brassard and Ed Dames).

3. There MAY be a fake “civilization terminating” event planned between now and the end of this year by the elite. If this one doesn’t work, they may try it again next year, the year after that, etc.

4. They (the Luciferian elite who run the world) will create NEW fake events “eventitus” every six months or more often to keep invalidating the research community to the “normals” and also to keep them from studying LONG TERM TRENDS, which is where the REAL nightmare can be found.

5. These “fake” events may be in anticipation of a REAL event, which will NOT be a civilization ending event, but will be bad enough so that they want us as much under control as possible by that time. My guess is they see the REAL planet X coming in, and want to create a FAKE Planet X event BEFORE THE REAL ONE, to get the world “under control” by the time things get worse.

6. The REAL event will not be that bad, but may cause a lot of problems worldwide. It may involve Planet X (if it’s for real). It may involve ISON (if it doesn’t fade before it gets here. It may just involve a lot of really bad weather, quakes, volcanoes and incoming objects which is already changing the face of our planet (and which the news will NEVER tell you about – your job is to shop and watch TV, NOT to get yourself informed). War will continue. Bankers enslaving the masses will continue. Obama’s destruction of American will go on until the end of his reign, when Hillary will probably take over to finish it off.

7. Life will go on and on and on, and the struggle between dark and light, the WORST part of that struggle, will probably take up the better part of the next ten to twenty years of your life. Get ready for a long and difficult struggle.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. Meanwhile, stay focused on what you want to create, and deal with your own shadow. Because if you don’t deal with your own shadow, someone else will mirror your shadow to you and it won’t be nice.