Fantastic UFO Captured On Video in Daytime

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Hi there everyone!

I happened upon these and figured I needed share.


Out of Italy, and it does seem to be a good one..

I thank my new found friend for the translation of this video..
**************************************** *********
Male Voice: Hey!

Female Voice: Yeah honey?

Male Voice: It's there.

Female Voice: It is?

Male Voice: Yeah, the ones of last year...

Female Voice: Nooo... It's wonderful!

Male Voice: Shhh... Be quiet, easy...

Female Voice: Take some landmarks!

Male Voice: Ehh... Landmarks my ass... landmarks... Be quiet, wait... here... wait... look! ... watch it's closer, hurry!

Female Voice: Noo, how big is it?

Male Voice: Hurry, call grandma, quick. HURRY!

Female Voice: Yeah yeah, I'm going!

Male Voice: It goes away! sh*t! It goes away! It goes away! It goes away!

And listed here are a couple of more which i personally thought awesome and not observed in such particulars particularly in daytime. I have never seen a 'diamond' formed craft too.

For additional footage take a look at: