Finally something not Photoshopped - Security Camera - Napels Florida - Aug 5, 2013

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This is one amazing UFO, and it made the MSM.




NAPLES, FL -A video showing lights hovering over a pool, a UFO is the talk of Naples. Residents say they have never seen anything like it -- and experts aren't sure either.

Monday night, security officer Debralee Thomas was watching the camera feed from behind a Gulfshore Boulevard condo building just across the street from Venetian Village, when she noticed strange lights swoop in over the pool.

"I realized that it was something that wasn't normal, so I was like 'oh my, what is that,'" Thomas said.

At first glance, what she saw almost looked like a saucer-shaped object up top. Then the object went down into the pool and expanded like a web -- moving back and forth.

Click here to See the News Report from ABC Channel 7 - Naples, Florida

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