Grandmother dies from swine flu soon after receiving swine flu vaccine


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Mike Adams
Natural News
Saturday, January 15, 2011

(NaturalNews) A 68-year-old UK grandmother named Eleanor Carruthers has died from the swine flu. Importantly, she was given the swine flu vaccine shot several months ago and was told the shot would offer her absolute protection from the flu.

Her daughter, Carole, was quoted in a Dailymail article saying, “‘What we don’t understand is that mum had the vaccine in October, because she was in an at risk group.”

Carol goes on to explain how doctors assured her the vaccine would offer her mom bulletproof protection against the flu: “I had been ill at New Year, and asked the doctors whether I should keep away from mum, but they said the vaccine would protect her from flu.” (…)

What Carole was not told, of course, is that she was lied to about the flu vaccine. Flu vaccines are not 100% effective at protecting people from the flu. They’re not even 50% effective. In fact, a critical analysis of available data reveals that the flu vaccine is effective in only 1 out of 100 people. (…)

Carole was also not told that doctors lie about the effectiveness of flu vaccines and make outrageous claims of protection which are entirely unsubstantiated by the scientific data. This exaggeration of the benefits of flu vaccines is also repeated through advertising and promotional literature, much of which implies a “100% protection” promise for flu vaccines — even though such a claim is actually fraudulent.

Spreading the vaccine propaganda

The NHS flat-out lies to the public, claiming flu vaccines offer 70 to 80 percent effectiveness. This lie, of course, is critical for the ongoing acceptance of flu vaccines by the public. If any other product was marketed with the same level of deception, regulatory authorities would seek criminal punishment for those responsible. But in the realm of flu vaccines, lies are openly tolerated by regulators in order to push the vaccine agenda.

NaturalNews has long warned people that receiving a flu vaccine shot actually causes an increase in the risk of contracting the flu. Furthermore, most of the people who contract the flu in any given year are the same people who routinely get vaccinated!

Meanwhile, the real solution for flu protection — nutrition — is entirely dismissed by health authorities. They refuse to tell people that vitamin D offers highly effective protection against the flu, especially when strengthened by other immune-boosting nutrients such as zinc (…).

The dirty little secret of the flu vaccine industry

The flu “re-infection rate” for people who were already vaccinated against the flu is intentionally not reported by flu vaccine makers, governments or health professionals because if this number were reported, the flu vaccine fraud would be obvious to everyone, and flu vaccine purchases would plummet. In order to prevent this information from getting out, governments and health care providers all agree to pretend the flu vaccine really works, even while ignoring the deaths of innocent vaccine victims such as Eleanor Carruthers.

It’s a classic “The Emperor Has No Clothes” fairy tale, and all the doctors, WHO authorities and government bureaucrats all pretend they can see the Emperor’s fine clothes even though he’s actually walking around in his underwear.

In the UK, various strains of influenza have killed 112 people in the last four months. It is not known how many of those 112 people were vaccinated. That statistic, it seems, will never be released by health authorities.

It is the “dirty little secret” of the flu vaccine industry — an industry based entirely on medical quackery and marketing fraud.

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