JFK Shooters Found in Photographs For The First Time! - Video


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You need to watch the whole thing, but is would seem this guys may have found the shooter!

JFK Shooters Found Using Photographic Analysis

This JFK researcher has done something that nobody has ever done – he found the gunmen who shot JFK in multiple photographs. I've never seen anything like this evidence before. I believe he is exactly right! We know from the research of Jim Fetzer that the government has an entire floor in an office building filled with people putting out disinformation to lead people astray on the JFK murder by our government just like "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" has now been identified as working with the government and police informants to censor the truth that mini nukes were used on 9/11 as proven by VeteransToday.

Video Showing JFK Shooters!