Last 3 days


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Been kind of busy the last 3 days, my friend received a call from the place where she gets her supper from and she was up for reassessment from the social worker there. Needless to say it sent me into a slight tizzy for "neatening things". We're really not that messy its just that we;re so cramped here, and we're the type of people that what ay look like a little clutter is our system for keeping track of the bills. :)

So, after the worker came she said she was going to refer my friend to another organization who has connecions with agencies who may be able to help her with the transportation/doctor problem :) Anyway she got put back on he delivery list.
Still no word on the refill of meds and she was going to call and talk to her (or the womans assistant, as she would probably charge us if she made the call herself) but we couldn't get around to that either.

Our toilet threatened (but never did, back up for the 3rd time this month)It starts from the end apartment and makes its way down the one side of the building. We don't have call waiting so we had to wait for phone calls our toilet was out of commission from 6:50 pm Thursday until 4:00 pm Friday (ridiculous)!

We have new management who says she's property manager but I googled where we mail our rent check it's an apartment complex in the next county, she claims she has to sell the owner on the idea of getting things fixed can you believe it?? Anyway their were new pipes put inlast year by the old management using their maintenance people, and now they're going to have to be replaced again.:nightmare:otherwise it'll keep doing that. I think the old management saw her coming and she bit off more than she could chew in buying this place. Why the subterfuge as to who she is I don't know but I'm sure she's experiencing buyer's regret.

Then the public network sometimes goes from 802.11n to 802.11bgn and I can't use it whats up with the bgn business I wonder?