What a strange last 3 days and a minor problem wonder if anyone else has the same minor problem


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First the problem. Anyone still have a landline from AT&T? Well, unfortunately, well severe storms taught us the necessity, but I digress. The problem is all day long sometimes every hour or every 2 to 3 hrs, we get these hang-up phone calls. Have answering machine, yes still cling to the old way, for this reason. Then we get these stupid robo-calls asking for people we don't know. Jeffrey Marconi, Sara Redondo, and a matter of important personal business. Well last year sent out numerous cease and desist letters regarding this situation to the different bill collectors, Right back to the same old same old. now. Now that's my little rant, wonder if anyone else gets calls like this, if so, they're illegal unless they provide the real reason for the call. AT&T claims it can't block these calls. My friend doesn't want to change her number to many places to call and a few of her relatives to give out a new one too.

Now for other news. Saturday was actually a really GOOD :) day for a change, and I thought things were going to make a turn.

Now for Sunday, We subscribe to a local newspaper because my friend likes their TV book and they don't give it out any other way anymore and had to pay for the next 3 months, Well, after payment on Saturday, reassured the TV book would be delivered on Sunday, 4 calls on Sunday and 1 call today 3 CSR's and 3 Supervisors later still no TV guide. had to buy the real one, today. The tv guide which programming supposed to start on Sunday "will be delivered by 6am tomorrow' (I'm not holding my breath for that one.)

Then a problem with a major cable company. Paid bill last week, claimed they tried to process it, bank says they didn't, cut off for none payment today at 12:30 pm. Well two CSR's one claimed we had to pay it physically at a local office to which I replied you're out of your mind, we've always paid it like that, and one Supervisor later, my friend is back to her game shows. But geeze, isn't anyone capable of doing their job righin these types of customer service positions, the first time round? No offense meant to anyone who does this but when I had these types of jobs I had to do it right, or I didn't have a job anymore. Spent over two hours on the phone today our local newspaper gave us a hard time in getting to talk to a Supervisor, have to request it 3 times. Cable company one thing to their credit they gave me a Supervisor right away.
Oh, well such is life.
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It's funny, I actually worked for AT&T customer service tech support for Uverse almost 3 years ago. (Call center is in Canada BTW. There's one in India too but mostly for after-hours or for excess calls that couldn't be handled at our center. Just Uverse, but all the 1-800 numbers depending on the options selected lead to each other; I've often forwarded calls for landlines.) One thing we were taught in training is to not let it get to a supervisor unless it was unavoidable, but also to try to solve the problem as best we could so that the customer didn't need to call back. Another thing we were taught is that you as the customer sometimes need to get angry before you are taken seriously enough to transfer you to a supervisor, so some worthwhile advice there.

And hey, just the fact that things were looking really good on Saturday, even if it was only for a short while, things ARE taking a turn. :) And good news, you stood up for yourself and your friend. That's a positive. Doing something because it's the right thing to do. :) Just thought I'd point that out. :)
Thank you for the advice, what happened Saturday helped my friend too :) Let's just say though many would've called it small, to us it was a God-send, and on the level too. :)

You used to work for AT&T? I wish we could get U-Verse, (then I could have the real internet, with a bundle) unfortunate I don't understand the technical stuff that well, and I'm afraid my friend would get involved with something she can't afford. This cable company really sucks and the regular networks we have to choose from do to. We used to like TCM and the game show network the cable company doesn't even offer those stations in any of its packages.

unfortunately I remembered when I made the payment by phone for her the cable companies AI repeated back verbatim the number I put in. It cost $5.99 to make the payment to a Supervisor or account executive over the phone and another $5.00 to re-activate. This goes to show how crooked this major cable company only cares about the money and not its long-time customers. They don't make mistakes, only customers do .:( I'll give you a hint, it's in really big competition with AT&T.

I understand AT&T is pretty strict with their work rules. You have to be there no matter what.
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I understand AT&T is pretty strict with their work rules. You have to be there no matter what.

Yes and no. We worked for another company who was holding the AT&T contract for the tech support. (That company also has offices in India.) In order to make it on the team for att, you had to pass a very strict phone call rating for the tech support itself. Key things had to be met in every call. They monitor everything that you say on the phones, and everything on the computers. (They had their own programs which they monitored.) As for HAVING to be at work no matter what, well, that one was a little more lenient because we were under the control of the company which we worked for directly. As long as att had people for the phones, they didn't much care who on any given day. I was only there for 2 months, 1 month of that was training. I was 6 months pregnant when they hired me, so that was pretty much my last 'official' job outside of what I do on here. And believe me, this doesn't pay well enough to buy me a meal at McDonlad's (not that I want one, lol).
My hubby worked for Western Electric, which became AT&T, which became Lucent, which spunoff Avaya, which then sold its manufacturing to Celestica. Celestica sent the jobs to Mexico two years later. Incompetence seems to be the norm these days, along with scams.

Yes, you have two joys though that of your chid and your children, and then this :) one day hopefully this will pay off, if I could I'd donate, I know you didn't ask, but this has to be a pretty penny to operate, but it is very important that the people can come here and post.
I hadn't thought of Western Electric in awhile, I think at one time they were pretty decent.Yes, I agree with you the more incompetent you are with these corporations, then your set if you want a career there, if you like it.

There's nothing loyal about the corporations nowdays,when it comes to money, they'll go to great lengths to avoid paying taxes and decent wages, while their execs collect the good bonuses even in a struggling economy. Sorry mini rant.
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I want to see members of Congress make ends meet on minimum wage. They need to do what they expect others to.

That's not going to happen unfortunately, I too, would like to see how they could make ends meet on a limited budget, they'll throw everyone under the bus first, take a look at this article. literally obscene. As long as the people in their families are taken care of they care nothing for anyone else. how do people get by on less when everything costs more?

Obama, Boehner zero in on a ‘fiscal cliff’ deal - The Washington Post

by Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane

Obama also gave ground on a key Republican demand — applying a less-generous measure of inflation across the federal government. That change would save about $225 billion over the next decade, with more than half the savings coming from smaller cost-of-living increases for Social Security beneficiaries.
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