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SaLuSa 13-October-2010

Suddenly there are things happening that are clearly showing how the Light has opened up the whole world to the truth. It comes out from all quarters, and bold people are ignoring the consequences of telling the truth. It was not all that long ago that fear would have taken over, and reluctance felt at the thought of the repercussions of stepping out. Have no doubt that the dark Ones will stop at nothing to prevent the truth coming out. However, all such attempts are now pointless, as the momentum of the higher energies is far too powerful. You can therefore expect a rush of information as more and more people are prepared to reveal what they know. The truth is far more amazing than most of you realize, and indeed can also be quite shocking. The old paradigm is being cleansed out of sight, and the new one will simply slip into its place. Many already know where it is all heading, and there is much to do before you can really talk deeply about Ascension. However, all that is taking place is leading towards that event, in a process of evolution that is ever advancing. The realms of Light are awaiting your arrival, and it will be a most joyous and happy occasion.

Over the weeks and months to come, it will become apparent that the changes are in mankind