Truth feeder
11-03-2010 03:24 AM

'Former FBI agent Don Adams helped investigate the Kennedy assassination at the time, and smelled a rat right away. But it was not until 1993 that he knew Oswald was set up by LBJ, Hoover, and the other DC gang members. He has since dedicated his life to telling the truth about this coup d’état.'

Listen here: Lew Rockwell Show - *Lee Harvey Oswald Was a Patsy
Of course Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy. As are / have been, so many, many others throughout history. Most major crimes, assassinations, assassination attempts, etc., are ALL either sleeper agents, or agents knowingly committing these atrocities for their bosses. At least with the sleeper agents, they don't know what they've done, necessarily. With the ones that willingly do these things, they are the ones that are more of an issue. A programmed person CAN be deprogrammed, but someone who is doing it willingly, well, there's less help for them because they are lost of their own doing. Lee Harvey Oswald, whether a sleeper agent or not, was an agent none-the-less, and was assassinated by another, patsy.
Makes you wonder what JFK did get them to react in such a violent way. There is many theories on the JFK assassination, the truth will never be known the only option we have is to look at the available facts and make a judgment call on what we see. The truth will never be known but by looking at these facts we can come as close as possible. Unless some new evidence is released proving it one way or another this is all we can do.

But before you make any judgment call on anything that has happened you must look at every single piece of information that is available to look at, then you can make a proper educated guess.

I have looked at every piece of information I could possibly get on JFK and my current belief is there was a cover-up, Lee Harvey Oswald had something to do with it, and JFK pissed off the illuminati which resulted in his death.
Don't forget to add that this was a lesson to other presidents who step out of line, play by our rules or you will be killed!