Los Angeles plans to charge families of electrocuted Good Samaritans

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This seems to be a good way they denture people from helping.


Los Angeles still plans to bill families of Irma Zamora and Stacey Schreiber (Yahoo News composite. Original images …The families of two Good Samaritans who were electrocuted after racing to the scene of a car wreck will still be charged for ambulance fees by the city of Los Angeles.

On August 22, Irma Zamora and Stacey Schreiber died after rushing to the scene of a car wreck. Four others were also injured in the incident, after an estimated 4,800 volts of power flowing from a snapped streetlight fixture made contact with water spewing from a broken fire hydrant at the scene of the car accident.

Earlier it was reported that city officials might find a way to waive the fees, which are estimated to be around $1,000 per person. The four other injured victims will also reportedly be billed for emergency services.

LAist reports that City Councilman Paul Krekorian is holding a press conference on Thursday during which he will announce plans to help raise funds for the victims' families.

"No one who puts themselves in harm's way should have to struggle to pay the bills that accrue as a result of their altruism," Krekorian said in a statement.

City fire officials say they do not have the power to circumvent municipal codes and waive the mandatory paramedic fees, even in cases during which a citizen is accidentally injured or killed.

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