Man posing as Congressman cons Secret Service at Obama speech

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A man also got on a elevator with the President, do they want him dead? Are they showing some crazed lunatic how easy with would be to kill him?

The Presidential protection detail may be up for a refresher course in how to guard Obama.

As the Secret Service scrambles to explains a series of blunders, news has emerged that a man posing as a member of Congress managed to make his way backstage, passing security, at an awards dinner where Obama was speaking.

Obama was addressing the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner on Sept. 27 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, when an unidentified male attendee told Secret Service agents guarding the backstage area that he was Democratic Rep. Donald Payne Jr., from New Jersey...
The impersonator left without incident and wasn't detained.

The Secret Service offered no apology and said in their defense, "this guy went through security, fully screened."

The Sept. 27 breach came a week after a knife- wielding man jumped over the fence at the White House and entered the executive mansion.

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned her post this week, after bipartisan outrage at the failures by the security organization charged with protecting the President.

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Secret Service Has 'Elevator Manifest' for Every Presidential Trip:

When the President travels nothing is taken for granted, not even the co-occupants of the presidential elevator, raising new questions about how an armed man with a criminal history managed to get within arm's length of President Barack Obama last month....

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