Mesage of hope and encouragement : Adam Yellow Bird & Drunvalo Melchizedek Sedona


This is a new interview with Drunvalo. About the indigenous people their wisdom and message.

Video info:
The Mamos (Arhuaco's highly trained ritual priests) feel it is the time to teach and share among different cultures, the spiritual knowledge that leads to a new consciousness. From the wisdom of their oral traditions and records of ancestral memory, they remind us how to live in harmony, contributing to the transformation of the human race. They invite us into a new and conscious way of living

"The Kogi and Arhuacos have been concerned for many years about the actions of "the younger brother" ... those of us living in the technological worlds. Now, with the world in chaos in so many ways, our Elder Brothers, the Kogi and Arhuacos, are calling out to us and an invitation has been sent forth to join them for a three-day gathering in Sedona, Arizona, June 22-24, 2012.

The Kogi and Arhuacos are part of the indigenous peoples living in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. They believe that it is their sacred task to sustain the balance of the spiritual and physical worlds. They are guardians of the Earth and have managed to live in harmony with the planet for thousands of years.

The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is the beating heart of the world - Spirit's temple - and is where wealth and sustenance lies. In the Sierra Nevada dwells our spiritual father and mother, the elements of water, wind, fire and earth - that which sustains life on this planet.