Mike Patterson of Sasquatch Ontario; recent interview on blogtalk radio.

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Sasquatch Ontario is probably the most persuasive Sasquatch claim you can find, it begins at approximately 6 min mark.

Mike Patterson Sasquatch Ontario 08/18 by Bigfoot Tonight Show | Paranormal Podcasts

This is what Mike Patterson say below:
With many years spent photographing wildlife as a serious hobby, it was only natural that my path has led me to where I am today.

I've been pursuing sasquatch for 5 years since an incident back in October 2008.

Those that say how can you know it's a sasquatch just by a vocalization? When you hear a sasquatch speak at close range, it will change your life!

To date we've been documenting a location in Ontario, Canada for a year that is consistently producing results.

Our insight grows with each visit as we continue to build trust and move towards contact with this family of sasquatch living on the property.