Missing snowboarder's body found in Whistler

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A snowboarder has been found dead one day after going missing while coasting down a treed run in Whistler, B.C.

The body of the 20-year-old man from California was located Saturday morning in a fast-flowing creek on Blackcomb Mountain.

Blackcomb Ski Patrol was called Friday afternoon when the man didn't meet his family at the base of a chairlift as planned.

The patrol and members of the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association searched the area until darkness and poor weather forced them to call it off until the next morning.

Police say it appears the man went down the run, fell into the creek, became incapacitated and wasn't able to get out of the water.

While the snowboarder was riding within the ski boundary area open to the public, police are reminding enthusiasts to always go out with others and be extra cautious in unfamiliar terrain.