MSM - Americans favour Obama to defend against ALIENS..?!

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NEARLY two in three Americans think President Barack Obama is better suited than Republican rival Mitt Romney to deal with an alien invasion, according to a survey released today.

June 28, 2012

  • 36 per cent said they believed in UFOs
  • Women, younger men backed Obama
  • Obama faces re-election in November
National Geographic Channel contacted 1114 adults across the US last month for its fanciful opinion poll ahead of its new cable television documentary series Chasing UFOs.


Eleven per cent of Americans told a survey they were confident they had spotted a UFO.

Thirty-six per cent of respondents said they were certain that unidentified flying objects exist. Eleven per cent were confident they had spotted a UFO, and 20 per cent said they knew someone who claimed to have seen one.

With Mr Obama facing re-election in November, 65 per cent said he would be more adept than Mr Romney to respond to an alien invasion, with women and younger Americans more likely than men and over-65s to agree with that prospect.

National Geographic Channel said the results of the email and online "Aliens Among Us" survey dovetailed with the research underpinning Chasing UFOs with Texas and Colorado residents describing their encounters with mysterious flying objects.

The poll had a margin of error of 2.9 per cent.


If aliens want to invade Earth they would've done so by now, I wouldn't worry about this garbage.


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Just another example of a political ploy, or SCAM to put fear in the public's eyes. Ask them about aliens and UFOs right as the election propaganda is happening. Put it in their minds that one puppet is better than another for dealing with the situation.

Honestly, I don't think there's anything to worry about. Like Denise said, if aliens were gonna invade, they'd've done it by now.

The so-called "aliens" that are going to be invading (at the most convenient of times, i might add) are ones created right here, and it'll probably be partially done with Project Bluebeam. The fact is, it's all lies, and trickery. I'm not falling for it.


Most of these alien races of had technology to be able to wipe out the human race hundreds of years ago they'll need to do it now, when they could've done it then. Remember the next fake threat is of an alien invasion once they're done using the fake threat of Al Qaeda. This is just part of the media lead up to get us used to the fact that there's going to be a fake threat from our space.