NASA Curiosity Photographed Fossil Finger On Mars?

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Do you thin this is real? or a Hollywood rubber finger?

Earlier today, we reported Obama asks Curiosity team to inform him immediately after contacting martians.

Now in latest development, down below is an image photographed by NASA Mars Curiosity mast camera.

The image captures, what looks like a finger with nail. The NASA Mars Curiosity rovers wheels are 29.52 Inches wide, a human finger is about 3.5 inches the fossil finger appears to be roughly 5-6 Inches in length.



That is what they refer to as an anomaly, I really doubt it's a real finger, it's just a rock that looks like a finger. The flash from the bone would have rotted away a long time ago. Unless of course it's a newly severed finger?

Maybe this was taken on some sort of test base where they blow up anthropomorphic crash test dummies, and it was one of the dummies fingers?
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