Nassim Haramein's Black Whole - Unified Theory of Everything Solved - Consciousness IS the Event Horizon

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For those who like Nassim Haramein:

A long time ago, I believed that 3 fundamental axioms or reference points were the Atom, the Bacterium and Consciousness... (still have the email) It was a culmination of everything I had read up to that time... a kind of epiphany... well guess what...

"I kept on 'irritating' everyone because I kept asking 'fundamental' questions..." - Nassim Haramein

After watching this you will have no doubt his genius is on the same level or greater than Einstein or Steven Hawking. He would have to be a genius to figure this out, outside of the secret societies that hold a lot of this information. And no wonder, it doesn’t paint the NWO powers as the center of the universe (oh no!!!)

He has the theory of everything, so fundamental, there is NOTHING that this theory DOESN’T APPLY to!

It will connect EVERY 'mystery school teaching' in the world. (which requires a $10 / month membership) produced it with him.

Veoh has it, and 'seems' to have rights to it... (get it while you can, it is even downloadable there!!)

You can’t find these video links by just searching Youtube (???) I Google searched "Nassim Haramein Black Whole" and provided finished and raw URL links below.

Nassim Haramein - Black Whole (2011) 92m Watch Videos Online | Nassim Haramein - Black Whole (2011) | You have to go to set up an account and download the veoh downloader, run the downloader that will automatically download and install the latest veoh player. which is a backgroung plugin for your browser (free)

(Note: if you download the veoh downloader, select advanced and deselect extra software, after installing I found a program call "seesimilar" that starts promoting utility software, uninstall that as well)

there is a 46 min section available on Black Whole part1 - Vídeo Dailymotion

This is blindsiding the University 'system' (control system) - as they have a 'law' against people coming up with knowledge 'outside' their institution. Nassim has prevailed and continued to move forward over the last 25 years. A self taught quantum physicist. An ABSOLUTE MUST SEE for general knowledge and ultimate explanation. It doesn’t get any more fundamental... It truly explains EVERYTHING...

We can start 'praying' again with true understanding, purpose. It is professed we are all ONE. He has mathematically proven it.

The last quantum physics class you will ever have to take

Einstein’s final problem solved. A unified field theory. By a self taught quantum physicist. True genius.

Not to mention the historical implications of all this... There has to be a hidden ancient past we are not being told about... Certainly not the 'whole' story.

(Please share sparingly, 4shared will shut down this account and others won’t be able to view and download this... I would like to see enough get it until it can spread on Youtube. I claim no ownership.) Nassim Haramein – Black Whole - free file sharing and storage

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