Notorious 'Black Widow' Dies In Prison

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CINCINNATI -- The woman once referred to as "The Black Widow" for killing her husband has died in prison.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction confirmed to WLWT that Della Sutorius died. The ODRC could not confirm a cause of death.

Della Sutorius was convicted of aggravated murder in the death of her husband, 55-year-old heart surgeon Darryl Sutorious.

Darryl Sutorius was found dead in the basement of the couple's Symmes Township home in February 1996 from a gunshot wound to the head. A gun purchased by his wife two days prior was found near his body.

During her trial, prosecutors contended that Sutorius killed her husband because he planned to divorce her. She had been divorced four times before.

The defense argued that Darryl Sutorius committed suicide. A jury disagreed and sentenced her to life in prison.

Della Sutorius died at the Marysville Women's Prison on Nov. 20.