[Must Read!] Obamacare Supporters Sign Petition to Add Sterilants to Water Supply To Reduce Birthrates

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This is why we are in trouble, people need to be educated!!!

Sept. 24, 2013

In the spirit of ringing in the new healthcare law, author and media analyst Mark Dice is showing how utterly indifferent and confused some American citizens are when it comes to understanding the complexities of forced sterilization.
Obama Care Supporters Plan to Add Birth Control to Water Supply - YouTube

Dice recently asked San Diego beach-goers to support a proposal by Obama’s science czar John Holdren, who wrote in his book Ecoscience about a “coercive” population control method involving adding sterilizing chemicals to the water supply.

“They wanna take away the free birth control from the college campuses,” Dice explains to one signatory that is already eagerly filling out the form.

“So what we’re gonna do is put some free sterilants in the water supply like a fluoridation, it’s a free sterilization – yeah, birthdate there please – and it’s a modern day kind of eugenics program that way everybody will get a free dose of birth control whether they like it or not.”

“It’s part of the Georgia Guidestones population control program. I appreciate your support,” he tells another signee.

In the past, Dice has managed to garner several signatures on a petition to release all illegal aliens from prisons, even if they are convicted rapists or murderers, and has also gotten signatures on petitions calling for repealing the Bill Of Rights, banning the First and Second Amendments, as well as throwing gun owners in prison, and enforcing mandatory euthanasia of elderly people.

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