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I am an Individual that is Targeted by large numbers of clandestine forces. The targeting includes organized stalking, mind connection and entrainnent via EEG cloning/computer to brain link, family manipulation, property breach, theft, and sabotage and other evilytics that i would like to document and discuss.
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As someone who has experienced similar issues such as those you list, I know how daunting, threatening and frightening life can be. Especially when you are under the impression that you are utterly helpless to do anything about them. We tend to think that there are others who can enlighten us on how to deal with these matters.
I came to realize that these are the demons along one's path in the world, and that they are only meant to point you to the higher being within yourself. They cannot really harm you, as threatening and intimidating as they may seem. Nothing can do anything to your ultimate identity to damage or harm you.
Perhaps you may know the idea of the all seeing eye at the top of the pyramid. The layers below the eye are the fracture in the unity of your being - dualities of your consciousness, that causes you to perceive them as outside yourself and dangerous.
As you confront these "demons" in your worldly reality, they disappear in puffs of smoke, and clear your consciousness to allow you to "remember" what/who you really are. By this process you will be able to begin the journey back up the pyramid to the singleness of your higher self.
Instead of looking at others to help you solve these enigmas (abdication of your divinity), ask your higher being to face them yourself (thus getting your power back).
You will find that other beings look upon you with some reserve (often because they think they have exclusive rights to the peculiarities of the world), they usually find it a good opportunity to elevate their own ego, thereby compounding your experience as avictim. That is mainly because the reality of their true divine nature is still hidden behind layers of fractures and dualisms.
Know that as you eradicate these demons one at a time, the reality of your conscious universe becomes increasingly more strange but in a very beautiful way. Miraculous so to speak.
Words and concepts are very clumsy to discuss these sensitivities with clarity, but here again you do not have to rely on the vagueness of my phrases, but absolutely only on the readiness of the "I" (eye?) of your consciousness you to assist and enlighten you.
They won't allow me to include a link here, but look up the entry: "Road To Enlightenment: Dropping The Ego And Finding Your True Self --- Lady of Light - March 21st 2012" by Lady of Light
Perhaps we shall meet at the top and realize that we share the same "I" (eye?), and that the ride back was actually fun albeit a bit scary at times.:friendly_wink:


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I suspect that I am, in a sense, a TI... I have not had a job for over 10 years, but not for lack of trying. I have applied to well over 100,000 jobs in that time, had many interviews that went VERY well, and even been told I had the job. At no time has it gotten as far as My filling in paperwork and giving that SS#. All the offered jobs have resulted in calls not returned, or, if I do connect, being given weird excuses and being lied to. I had several places say they decided not to fill the jobs, but the next day the job is newly posted on the site I found it on. I was even told that "the job description has changed and You don't qualify." Too stunned, I failed to ask what the change was... But since it was a graphics job, and I have experience in virtually every graphics/layout/video/sound/video creation program out there, I ponder whether They added "geologist" or something... But really, I think it has something to do with being contacted by someOne and getting lied to.

Today, I am homeless and destitute, being denied assistance and disability (My hands are shot now... Have to take breaks even from typing this).

I don't think I am dealing with "demons," though. I think someOne wants to make sure I am unemployed.