Palms Casino Resort - Las Vegas


Palms Casino Resort - Las Vegas


Palms Casino Resort

We're not surprised the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Palms Casino Resort in Sin City flaunts an eight-foot round, rotating bed under a mirrored ceiling in true Hef style. But before you call it a night in this over-the-top two-story suite, why not host a party here like Kanye West did for the 2007 MTV Video Awards. Your guests, after entering from the glass elevator, can enjoy views of the strip from a $700,000 Jacuzzi, food and drinks from an around-the-clock butler service, pop up plasma televisions, and fully stocked bar. When you pick up the tab for this suite, remember that C$43,000 paid for the best party you ever hosted.


Palms Casino Resort is a casino hotel and residential tower located near the Las Vega it has 653 rooms and is listed at number 5 on the World's 15 Most Expensive Hotel Suites compiled by CNN Go in March 2012. It is located off the Strip, the resort has become a popular destination for many, especially younger people.