Personal responsibility


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No matter what we think, feel, do, buy, sell, espouse, deny, create, or destroy, we must take personal responsibility for those things and their ramifications. This is why it is of paramount importance to be sure your thoughts, values, opinions, and actions are at all times your own. Too easily we think it’s okay to do something we don’t really like doing because “it’s my job” or “it’s business” or any other excuse for going against our preferred and natural inclination. Does this make it okay? Well, in order to answer that you will have to honestly answer some questions first: How do you sleep at night? How is your digestion? How is your overall health in any and all aspects? How are your relationships? Any imbalance there will indicate that things may not be as great and manageable as you would like to believe. We tell ourselves that that’s the nature of life and living. But it’s not. We allow it to be that way. We have a choice. There are as many options as there are people to think of them, and there’s no reason to think we should all live the same way sharing the same values at the same time of life. So why do we subscribe to this brand of living? It’s neither easier nor healthier. Ask yourself why you do it. What can possibly motivate us to live lives that others prescribe for us? How can we learn and grow if we live according to some dry formula?

Our bodies reflect the condition of our soul. The physical body is quite literally an energetic manifestation or expression of that.

When you truly begin taking responsibility – personal responsibility for each and every thought and deed, there is both a greater sense of gravity but equally a tremendous lightness that suffuses and permeates every layer of existence. Small things have more depth and breadth. Big things seem less so, but equally more so. There is balance where previously had been upset and confusion.