police apologise for raid - David Cameron WANKER poster

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Police apologie for raiding a home because of a David Cameron WANKER poster in window.




Absolutely terrible. It reminds me of what happened to myself almost 2 years ago. Police being in the wrong and abusing their "authority". But that's a whole other story. I will try to post on that soon.
All over a silly poster, the police are school yard bullies. What is a Wanker anyway? I am not up on my British lingo!
That's just funny! I'm glad they actually apologized to the guy. You don't see that happen these days. The police think they are above the law just because they claim to uphold it.

That's hilarious that he put the poster back up along with the police statement apologizing to him. Good for you! Stand up for your rights!

We could all learn a lot from this incident!