Project Camelot: An interview with Michael Henry Dunn

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Published on Jul 10, 2014:

Bio: Michael Henry Dunn is a human rights advocate, scholar, author, musician, and a globally recognized commentator on issues of human rights. His advocacy for the movement to support national sovereignty embodied in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and BRICS alliance led to his current position as Senior Editor for The Alliance Journal, a university educational institution which serves as an academic journal, digest, news source, and debate forum, to facilitate the realization of a more free, peaceful and abundant world for all of humanity.

We will be discussing: Michael's background, his extensive knowledge regarding the Shakespeare authorship issue (he is cited in "acknowledgements" page of several books). He has authored and performed award-winning presentation on the authorship controversy, "Sherlock Holmes and The Shakespeare Mystery."

The Global Collateral Accounts, and the Neil Keenan Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit story, (he spent two months on the ground in Indonesia working with Keenan in early 2013). He wrote and produced "The Changing of the Guard" - a video expose of the banking cabal's century-long abuse of the Global Collateral Accounts (featured in David Wilcock's "Financial Tyranny" series.

Michael's Primary strategic focus: an enforceable global human rights court with statutory authority whose mission is to prosecute systemic human rights violations (re: chem-trails, false flags, financial crimes, destabilization, etc.) by the oligarchy"...