Project Camelot interviews Patrick Geryl


Truth feeder
I am more than surprised that no one has started a thread on this interview, so, alas, it is I.

Please watch the entire interview, as he has updated his own previous take on things (since his previous book)... I'm tired out from just trying to find the "new thread" link (ask Karen)... you can easily find the link to this interview at Camelot (is why I am note posting the link).

He presents serious dot connectors in his presentation...
the labyrinth of Hawara for one... major find, major mention!!! I didn't know about it myself!!!!!!!.. my receptiveness is based on being open minded, as usual... and when someone deems himself to be alone in his conviction, based on years of research.. I tend to listen more intently. NO ONE believes him!

So, before you post your opinion, please watch the entire presentation...
and, his website is obvious in its portrayal, for those rare few in the world that have his conviction....dang! it's not positive, so before you slam dunk this thread for its "negativity", try to temper your urge to do so by listening and then offering what you KNOW, not what you think or believe... that's the challenge.