Purposeful Porpoises


Truth feeder
Porpoises have been known to help people who have been attacked by sharks or have capsized, but I have never heard of porpoises having such keen intelligence as in this situation.

And, could they have been SO extremely intelligent that they knew about his animal rights work? [/COLOR]

Porpoises rescue Dick Van Dike

Mary Poppins star feared death after apparently falling asleep on his surfboard but friendly sea creatures pushed him to shore

Off screen, the veteran star of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins had to rely on the help of a pod of porpoises after apparently dozing off aboard his surfboard. "I'm not kidding," he said afterwards.

Van Dyke's ordeal began during an ill-fated trip to his local beach. "I woke up out of sight of land," the 84-year-old actor told reporters. "I started paddling with the swells and I started seeing fins swimming around me and I thought 'I'm dead!'"

Van Dyke was wrong. "They turned out to be porpoises," he said. "And they pushed me all the way to shore." The porpoises were unavailable for comment.


Perhaps the most interesting point of Dick Van Dyke's rescue is that mere months before he had worked up quite a bit of Karma in the animal kingdom after being named an official year of the Tiger ambassador for the World Wilflife Fund. Dick's work to save animals is by no means a secret. And costar of the Dick Van Dyke show, Mary Tyler Moore has for years been an outspoken advocate for animal rights. And so it seems only natural that these animals, upon seeing his plight would wish to return the favor for doing so much for the animal world.