Released: WikiLeaks cash blockade 'ordered' by American 'hard-right'

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'They' don't want us to know the truth!

WikiLeaks has released European Commission documents which allegedly show ‘hard-right US politicians’ orchestrated an ‘extrajudicial’ banking blockade against the whistle-blowing site.

In the heavily redacted documents, MasterCard Europe “admits” US Congressmen Joseph Lieberman and Peter T. King were involved in conversations with MasterCard in the United States, WikiLeaks said Tuesday.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange tweeted on Tuesday "it is concerning that hard-right elements in the United States have been able to pressure VISA & MasterCard," adding “there is no sovereignty without economic sovereignty."

The exact nature of Lieberman and King’s dealing with MasterCard remain unknown, though both lawmakers have historically taken a hard line against the organization. King, chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, had previously sought to classify WikiLeaks as a terrorist organization, claiming they should be prosecuted for violating the Espionage act.

Released: WikiLeaks cash blockade 'ordered' by American 'hard-right'