Rocks From Beach Catch Fire in Woman's Pocket


This is a true story and it was on the news:

Rocks From Beach Catch Fire in Woman's Pocket - San Clemente, CA - May 16, 2012

o_O "SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (KABC) -- A woman literally burned a hole in her pocket from rocks collected on a family beach trip to San Clemente. In an Eyewitness News exclusive, authorities say the woman suffered serious burns.

The rocks contain various colors - some green, some orange. There were seven of them altogether, collected by a San Clemente family during a fun morning at Upper Trestles on San Onofre State Beach last Saturday.

"The daughters were playing with the rocks, and she took them away, and I guess basically, they combusted in her pocket due to friction," said neighbor Jacob.

Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Marc Stone said there were actual flames coming off the woman's cargo shorts.

"We found that a 43-year-old female did have severe burns to her leg, second- and third-degree burns," Stone said."
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100th Monkey

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Obviously these rocks are either made up with or coated with some sort of unstable element. I wonder if that element came out of the ocean? Possibly from pollution or Fukushima? Here's a tip for everybody, if you collecting rocks because you think they're beautiful don't put them in your pockets!


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Holy Crap! That is just freaky! And SCARY! I hope she's ok!

Hey Monkey, you forgot a scenario, what if they came from either a REAL alien ship, or one of our own experimental ones. So the possibility of them being from or part of a UFO, is not entirely impossible either.

Remember? There was that thing in the sky over California not that long back, what if it was debris from it? Just putting it out there.


You mean the supposed missile launches above California couple months back? I think there was a couple of them.