Laura: Good morning SaLuSa. Here is our first question from a reader:

“My question is about the so called "dark night" which is stated in the Mayan calendar and which should happen as the Mother Earth's poles change. I understand it will be a lengthy period of time of a massive energy loading when we do not see anything and we are supposed to relax and stay in the love. The outcome will be the Mother Earth's transformation to the New Golden World. I am ok with this on my own part but I am a bit worried how to help people and pets you live with? Is there any physical connection with others during this time? How can I help them if they are afraid for instance? (How do I take my dogs to pee
Could you describe a little of what is going to happen? Or is it the moment when we kiss the physical 3-to-4-D world totally goodbye?”

SaLuSa: Good morning. This period you are referring to marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. It is, in your terms the end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the Golden Age. The period of this may vary from one day or less, up to three days to be accurate. It is what you are refining to as the Shift. There are many shifts to be considered here dear friends.

It is all a matter of scales. Each individual, each living creature will have to make his and her own transition into this shift. You, dear ones, will make your shift with mother Earth, although many of you are already well advanced in their own journey, according to the limitations imposed on you by outer factors.

As a mass consciousness, your shift will happen with Mother Earth’s Shift. Some of you, who experienced these kind of transitions before may remember similar procedures for other planets even. It is all hidden in your subconscious. Perhaps ask to be shown of previous similar events of your higher self and of your guides. It is important that some of you will enter this time without fear and knowing what to expect exactly.

There will be many changes occurring at that time for you individually, for Mother Earth and for the entire Universe. We look forward to the time ahead dear ones, the outcome will be a time for rejoicing, reunions and happiness.

You will not believe how simply and quickly the shift can take place for some of you. And nothing will look different, yet all will be different when the day light returns. You will see the spirit world as well as the material world after this period of “dark night”. You will laugh in happiness at how, while having being trapped in the cycle of the lower vibrations, you were entirely unaware of entire worlds and beings evolving all around you.

You will not believe the level of limitations in which you are currently stuck, at this time in your evolution. You will literally not believe how cut off from reality you have been for all these eons in time. Yet this unseen world has been around you and aware of you for all this time.

For those of you who have worked in this life with the aim to remove their blinkers, the transition will be joyful and peaceful. It will be like a night watching the comic events and the star. This will be a true show to you from above, full of stars and lights, all during this “dark night”. You will feel all the cosmic changes affect you and transform you in marvel. The Galaxies will offer you the best entertainment, as you are crossing the galactic heart alignment of your galaxy. You will connect with all and with the galactic heart chakra. You will be blessed by pure love and joy energy from the Universe.

For those of you who have previously lived through these times before, you know it is a time that is deeply routed into your memory as a sacred moment of joy, peace and stillness. You will be able to hear Mother Earth’s heart, her breath, her warmth and her love.

You will feel, hear her rotate and shift in perfect peace. You will be aware of her Ascension first, as yours will shortly develop from hers. You will cry in tears of joy and sorrow at times, for past mistakes, due to the limitations imposed on you by agreement. All your tears will wash away your past fears, pains and hurts. All of the past, which was dark will vanish away, along with the darkness you have been surrounded by for thousand of years.

You will all be together for a few brief moments, as a human consciousness. This will be the time for you to say good bye to those who will chose to remain in the denser vibrations. This will be a time of reunion for all of you, a time when all illusion will fall away for ever, and a time for goodbyes as well. Your hearts will be at peace, because you will all have this period together and you will all be free of the illusions before taking leave from each other. Time and space will no longer exist as you know it now. It will truly be Human Consciousness awakening for this period of time. The darkness will leave your planet for ever; it will leave your bodies and souls for good. All unnecessary things will shade away, never to return here again.

Dear friends, many of you will experience intense fear at this time, weather justified or not. Be strong and loving for all those around you, be an anchor for the love of light. Be connected to Mother Earth, be connected to your higher self, be connected to us and to the Universe. Hold hands in a circle, and send love to all by joining your hearts together. This will have a southing effect on all.

Do not remain in isolation, join others around you, and offer them your love and compassion. Many of you will experience all the traumas Mother Earth will release from her heart, as you also will release all negativity, fear from your being as well. These energies will go out through you, so you will experience them directly.

Many of you will experience crying, but also healing through this. At the same time, dear friends you will receive the incoming uplifting energies from the Universe and the Black Holes of the Universe, so in this sense all will be healed, transmuted and transformed in this last clearing and cleaning period for you and your planet.

As you know, dear ones, the Earth along with yourselves have been undergoing cleansing for a couple of years now. You see in the UK and in the finance system one of the greatest clearing of all times. We foresee that more and more of these events will take place, for each individual, for each country. This is in preparation for these times you have asked in your question.

A gradual, progressive cleansing is now preferred by the spiritual hierarchy rather than a more dramatic 3 day of darkness for the Shift. We are foreseeing most of the cleaning to take place in the coming months all over your planet. So that you dear ones will have the most wonderful loving galactic light show for the grand shift finale. This “dark night” will be an unforgettable night for you all, dear beloved. There is no need to fear this time ahead.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that you are following the process of Ascension at optimal pace. I am proud for being one of your guides for this pivotal eternal moment for Mother Earth and for Humanity. Know that the changes are affecting us also and that we truly consider you all as an integral part of our family, as our equal brothers and sisters. We offer our thanks, our respect and gratitude to all of you. Be blessed.

Thank you, SaLuSa
Laura Tyco

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