San Fran Asiana Flight 214 is another MSM HOAX

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San Fran Flight 214 just Another MSM Hoax.

Many inconsistencies:

1) A group of photographs display the aircraft in field of dirt - NOT in a grassy area as shown on TV.

2) An additional photograph displays individuals casually exiting the airplane with baggage, moving amidst a grassy area.

3) The airplane appears like a Hollywood movie prop, billowing smoke is constantly behind the airplane or at distant angles.

4) It is acknowledged that “crisis” actors had been nearby on the same day on training!

5) In another set of photographs: the 3 “plumes” os smoke are filled in with solid black, looking Photoshopped!

6) The airplane could have never crashed in the way outlined (turning 180 degrees) but nevertheless it arrived at a stop in the exact same course direction? with minimal destruction to the wings? and just about everyone lived through it?