Sandy Hook AND Aurora in Batman- Dark Knight Rises Movie not a coincidence

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This is very disturbing!
An I suppose it is just another coincidence that the name "Sandy" is in two tragic events recently?
The devastating Hurricane "Sandy" and now another mass shooting in "Sandy Hook".


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Good job connecting dots. Something is definately smelling rotten.

That's what I've been sitting on for a while now. Something stinks and I don't know what. I choose not to delve into this on a 'spiritual' or 'other sidely' level because this is just a surface issue. I don't like to waste my time picking at the surface when there are much deeper things to take care of, but there is something definitely "off" about this whole situation. I can see a few things that this is doing, but again, surface.

I'm having much trouble wording what I'm trying to get across, so I erased where I was going with this. I find it's getting harder and harder to translate "thought" into words lately. It's almost as if I'm being cut off before I can speak it. I'm sorry, I want to say more and get what it is that I KNOW out, but I can't. it's being prevented. All I'm ALLOWED to say is "There's something NOT RIGHT about this and this is NOT the only incident which is fake or has been faked and/or was set up."


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University Hospital knew more about the theater shooter than was disclosed prior to the incident. They have chosen to hide behind patient confidentiality. That law is superseded by the right of the public to be protected from someone who is known to be a threat. His psychiatrist knew, but sat on the information. It's part of University Hospital's push to present itself as something more gentrified than it really is.

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You're probably better off in not delving into it, it's dark material especially all those poor innocent kids and their families.

It's probably a false flag whoever's doing it considers all the victims collateral damage, to get what they want out of it.


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Something is afoot. maybe the only legitmate one was Arizona. That guy looked nuts. None of the others lived to see how they looked afterwards.

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More Sandy Hook News-Chopper Anomalies! Crystal Clear HD Zooms Shows Weird Stuff!

~TYT & Anderson Cooper vs 'Sandy Hook Truthers':

@At 00:20 into the video clip, shadow direction analysis indicates that a Time of Day of 10 : 25am might be the starting point of this video clip. I am uploading the Time of Day analysis based on shadow direction analysis at this time, 12:06am, (midnight) ... please check my most recent upload for the Time of Day analysis. I need your assistance and critical observations of the work I have done, please.

Is GENE ROSEN ... at the firehouse this early?

We think we see Gene Rosen in this video clip, did he leave those poor kids at his house while he went to hobnob at the Firehouse? Or perhaps he was just earning his pay.

Sandy Hook Helicopter, Chopper Footage - Crystal Clear - HD and Zooms see anybody you know?

@0:15 it's about 11 : 15am EST.

@0:4:59 we see the policeman with the dog, his shadow passes perfectly, crisply over the "Parent Drop Off" parking lot lettering. The angle of the camera is off only be a few degrees to the direction of his shadow, not that it would matter in the type of analysis I'm doing.

The direction of the K9 officer's shadow can be plotted in google Earth with a line segment and a Time of Day can be made that is accurate to within 5 minutes.

@05:13 the utility pole shadow. Extending the line on this shadow in Photoshop on a screen grab of this frame, and then transferring that to google Earth, and making an analysis of the direction of that shadow will yield a Time of Day accurate to within ONE MINUTE.

@09:09 there are the WHITE CHAIRS, that some were saying were corpses on the Medical Tarps, notice, there is a large person, and lady, rocking forwards and backwards in the front row middle chair.


To really drive the validity of this type of "Time of Day" shadow direction and length analysis home, take a good shadow as early as possible in the beginning of this unedited, seamless video clip, analyze it, then take a shadow in the last part of the clip, analyze it, the results will be very concurrent with the timestamps on the video. If it is a seamless, unedited, continuous live footage clip.

This is some News Chopper footage by "News Chopper 12" I scrounged up. Please watch it closely, I don't see many children, AT ALL, just a bunch of adults, a few children at the fire station, lots of close ups. I'll do some Time of Day estimates on this, looks like around 11:15pm EST or later at first glance. We can see those WHITE CHAIRS at the fire station clearly in this video. We can see the cop with the dog, very clearly and he's in a different place, possibly coming onto the scene from the firehouse.

~Unslave Humanity Tactical Media: