Simon's Cat

Truth Vibrations

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These videos are hilarious!!! and yes this is exactly the way cats act, they act as if they own the whole place. Whoever the creator of Simon's cat is he's definitely a cat owner or he's observed many cats in his day.

White Rabbit

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I've never seen these videos before, they are great, I have a cat and the way the cat is in this video my cat acts just like it.


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My 2 favs are when Simon is watching TV (or trying to) and the cat comes and sticks his butt right up in his face. Soooooo friggin true to cats, and of course the one where the cat is waking Simon up. Those are too funny for words. I haven't owned a cat in years, but I remember, I grew up with cats. Very lifelike animations.

Thanks for sharing them here with us, Day!

Soooooo funny!! :) :D