Simple questions that Americans are too stupid to ask


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This was on GLP. I thought it would might start a conversation!

Simple questions that Americans are too stupid to ask.
Did we create Al-queda?

Why were we funding them in the 80's
Why did most of them originate in Saudi Arabia?
Why are we giving them weapons now in Syria?
Why do we still have the TSA and homeland security, if they are no longer our enemies, but our allies?
Should we send the 30,000 drones you ordered up to fly over the United States skies over to Syria, it seems that there are many of them over there, if that is your real target.

1. Where is all of our nations Gold, can we see it please?

2. Where does the Federal Reserve get their money? They are the lender of last resort, who are they?

3. Who do we pay our taxes to?

4. Why has all our elections been switched to electronic voting? How do you recount electronic votes?

5. Why does our Government need our tax money, if they constantly spend more than they take in anyway?

6. If Identity theft and electronic fraud are the number one crime in the world, why are we still insisting on everything being kept track of and stored electronically.

7. How is the stock market an indicator of wealth, if a private family with no real money is constantly injecting money into the system to keep it from collapsing.

8. How can you have freely traded stocks if all stocks are traded by high frequency computer trading, kept from going down by a plunge protection team, and supported by quantitative easing?

9. Why are you allowing a private family to use money they create out of thin air, to purchase real assets like mortgages, stocks in companies, and real commodities?

10. If the government works for you, then why are you the one that goes to prison if you try to fire them?

11. If we have the right to privacy, why have we become the most spied upon people in the history of the world?

12. If we are the land of the free, then why do we have the largest number of people locked up, and the rest of us, are unable to stop our own slavery?

13. If we are nation of laws, then why is it that government can commit any crime they want, and no one gets punished. You would think in a land of the locked up, that we would be eager to throw a few elite in prison as well, right?

14. Why has our government been found to be lying about everything? NSA, AP, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Weapons of mass destruction, IRS, Fukushima, etc, etc.

15. What exactly has government succeeded in doing correctly? We are enslaved under debt, denied cures, denied alternative energy, kept in a state of war that we never win, have a war on drugs funded from both sides. The list of absolute Government failures is huge. Trade deficits, protection of the dollar, jobs, you name it, any any point in the system where government is involved you can find failure, and corruption.

16. Why did building seven simply collapse in it's own footprint on 9/11? No metal structure building has ever done that since, or before.

17. Why is it that banks are the first thing we set up in any nation we conquer? Are we fighting for freedom, or currency control?

18. Why was the hole made in the pentagon on 9/11 too small for a jet that size to fly into? Where were the engines? The wings? The tail section? Did it evaporate like the 1.5 billion dollars from MF GLobal?

19. If social security is bankrupt, then why are people still required to pay in?

Feel free to add to the list of questions that Americans never ask.